CTA Professional Network Objectives

In today’s competitive environment, it is important to be part of a networking community that can help you enhance your skills and look at life from a different perspective. A perspective that is not influenced by your company’s culture and organizational objectives. It is important to unwind and meet people from a completely different walk of life.

People with diverse background and learnings offer us an opportunity to broaden our horizons and look beyond the routine. These interactions also inspire us, to step out of our comfort zone and take a chance, because you feel enabled by the strength of an entire network to back you in your endeavors.

We offer a perfect platform to explore yourselves, learn, share experiences and enhance your professional circle.

A platform to make new connections, find new friends and shape you professional careers and entrepreneurial skills to new highs!


To build a family of great professionals who are determined, dedicated and committed to support each other in the pursuit of achieving personal and professional excellence


Create the most professionally benefitting organization which helps members hone their professional skills , thereby becoming leaders in their respective organizations or entrepreneurial ventures

Empower a platform for networking where members can look at upgrading their professional careers or seek business support for entrepreneurial ventures

As a Group CTA PN will strive to be the most professional group demonstrating – Leadership, strategic thinking, team work Spirit, trust and respect

Code of Conduct


Every member must take responsibility of the successful execution of the PN Group and its meetings. We must hold ourselves and others responsible to uphold the decorum at CTA – PN at all times whether meets or on online social forums

Team Approach

We at CTA – PN are a team of professionals who will strive to help one another with our experiences, knowledge and contacts. We are an extended family for one another and will make sure to be assisting members in any which way we can without having any personal interest or expectations of a personal favour


Respect is the foundation of the CTA – PN group. We must value and respect our fellow members at all times. We at all times must use appropriate speech and behaviour to demonstrate respect for one another. At CTA – PN, we take a very non tolerant view of discrimination in any form be it sexual / religious / orientation of a person. We have to accept and respect people as they are


It is expected that members will be punctual at all times. Attendance at meets is an expectation and reporting time a must of 15 minutes before the start of registration


Honesty is fundamental in any Networking group associated with Teaching and Learning. As members we must ensure “Doing the Right thing – All the Time” We must act honestly and do not tolerate or justify  ; dishonest or demeaning conduct in any circumstances. In the event of any disagreement shall handle it with utmost professionalism without any prejudice or malice and without raising tone or use of stern words either in person or on online forums

Dress Code

Strictly Formals for all meets unless specified.

Ladies: Saree / Blazer |Men: Suit / Blazer


Sharad Amlani
Entrepreneur - Glittering Gifts

“From being a complete failure to having a start-up on my own without any support financially and emotionally (not to deny that family is always there for you but sometimes its your own battle which you have to fight) and fighting all odds and trusting myself made me even stronger. Also I know the fact that it’s a long way to go and I will keep working hard on my way. And in my journey till now CTA PN has played a big role in it. Special thanks to Deepak sir.”

Shilpa Naik
Logistics Executive

“CTA PN has a great ability to see potential in people and put them in a place where they can succeed. I can proudly acknowledge my association with CTA PN which encourages you to be innovative. It’s something that keeps my attention all the time and has been a perfect platform providing the right path….CTA PN is a GREAT investment for people like me…”

Jitendra Patel
Manager - Direct Tax

“I didn’t know exactly what hero means…… I was always confident on myself…. had achieved lot on my own, but few years ago I met a charismatic person and looking at him and listening him talk realized that he is what a hero should be like and I want to become like him one day….. “Hero”, no prize guessing that great personality is our own Deepak Sir….. knew him for few years and finally got the platform of CTA PN a year ago. Thanks to him and things changed, acting was inbuilt but this Director taught me how to act, how to express, learned lot of things from my extended family members too… most of them loved me, liked me, accepted me…… on 19th Feb 2017 my dream came true when I shared the same stage with my guru and yes now I know what hero is as I consider me one of them…..”

CTA PN rocks….

Love you Sir…..”

Neha Ganesan
LLB & Choreographer

“CTA PN is my happy place, it’s a place where you meet lovely people and welcome a new family which is full of positivity and love. I met Deepak Sir and the entire family through my dad and I am indeed glad to be a part of such an amazing group. Everyone out here is excellent with everything they do..Deepak Sir you rock and I wish happiness and success to you and the entire family.

I am glad to be a part of CTA PN. Love you all

Kulmeher Singh Khurana
Partner - Free Fit Corporation

“Last year was an year of uncertainty and unrest. First the agony wait of  the BREXIT Result then an heart break land slide of Great Britain Pound from 102 to 94 immediately, then a further slide to 90 finally settling at current price of 80

The good part is I had already enrolled in CTA PN where the experienced fellow members guided me to remain stable and to look at it as a fresh story.

CTA PN not only gave me an opportunity to learn and express but also appreciated me time and again that kept me motivated & made me believe that not everything is working against me.

It’s all most  a year since Brexit and here I stand stronger than before with a 7% Top Line growth in forex terms  where as  the industry standard is still in red.

CTA PN was my silver lining during last year. I would like to thank each and every member who has criticized me, disagreed with me, argued with me, agreed with me, loved me, appreciated me, motivated me, who is my hero, those who take me as hero let’s keep giving and giving and the wow factor in our life will never end.”

Shashi Kotian
Manager - International Sales & Logistics

Two years ago I became a student of one of the most talented teacher who made me a true professional through his teachings and guidance. And to add it further, he also made me a part of the CTA PN family through which I have climbed many steps towards my life’s goal. I got to meet many professionals who are part of the CTA PN family and got to learn new things from them. This platform has taken me to new heights and I am sure to achieve more heights and learn more through my continued association with CTA PN. I would specially like to thank Deepak Sir and Deepa Mam and all the family members of CTA PN for the support and guidance to make me the person I am today.

Dr. Milind Antani
ENT Surgeon/Lawyer

“It is said “Success is a Journey and not a destination” and “Journey of thousand miles begin with the first step”. ‘First step’ and ‘Journey’ are key words. CTA-PN charts that path of a journey and mentors on how to put first step for every member. This amalgamation of virtues takes every member to greater heights and makes them aware of their capabilities that assists them to chart new path.”

Sylvia Fernandes
General Manager (Head -Travel Management)

“Understood the actual meaning of NETWORKING after joining CTA PN. Learnt how important it is and why one has to maintain it to sustain the relationships not only at Corporate level but also in the personal life.

Thank you sir for that 1 hour one-to-one meeting I had at Sion centre a Year ago which made all the difference.”

Sangeeta Chavan
Entrepreneur, Spiritual and Distant Healer, Motivational Speaker

Talking about CTA-PN, “A forum where the I gets replaced with WE. Team work is the main essence of this group. A platform where young can share and learn from the experienced is well worked out here. Encouraging and motivating platform which helps in building individuals a new world for themselves.”

Deepika Jain
Partner (CTA - E-Learning)

Transformation of my life – “From a shy girl —-to a confident person…. From a person who took life too seriously —-to the person who is living life to the fullest. From a person who spoke very less — to a confident person who loves to speak in the forum….

I have become better in understanding importance of relations, love and people around me. This transformation has been possible because of my guru …….one and only one Dr. Deepak Bhattacharya and CTA PN.

CTA Professional Network is the best among other networking group. It continues to grow and the connections are getting deeper. All our Elite Members are very supportive in helping one another. I highly recommend CTA PN to everyone who wants to grow in their life personally as well as professionally.”

Dhvani Desai
Company Secretary

I must say, CTA PN members are always positive about each other and help one another grow. Meeting the members, be it at any sessions or at any other place is always refreshing. Whenever any difficulty arises, be it personal or professional, members make an attempt to help each other. Deepak Sir and the entire team has worked immensely to make this a family away from home.

Suresh Jain
Associate - Investment Banking

I have been working with a multinational bank for over 10 years. I met Deepak Sir through my wife and after talking to him understood the importance of professional networking. Relying on a single source of income is not enough. What I have learnt through him and CTA PN is – The Richest people in the world Look for and Build Networks, Everyone else looks for work. I have got great opportunities like BE-AT-IT and E-Learning to earn passive income through CTA Professional Network. So anyone who wants to grow personally and professionally try CTA PN. We are TOO GOOD

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