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Code of Conduct

It enhances the organization's core values, beliefs and sets the right culture.


Every member must take responsibility of the successful execution of the Professional Networking Group and its meetings.

We must hold ourselves and others responsible to uphold the decorum at CTA – PN at all times whether in meets or on online social forums.

Team Approach

We at CTA – PN are a team of professionals who strive to help one another with our experiences, knowledge and contacts.

We are an extended family for one another and will make sure to be assisting members in any which way we can without having any personal interest or expectations of a personal favour.


Respect is the foundation of the CTA – PN group. We value and respect our fellow members at all times. We at all times use appropriate speech and behaviour to demonstrate respect for one another. At CTA – PN, we take a very non-tolerant view of discrimination in any form be it sexual / religious / orientation of a person. We accept and respect people as they are.


It is expected that members will be punctual at all times. Attendance at meets is an expectation and reporting time a must of 15 minutes before the start of registration.


Honesty is fundamental in any Networking group associated with Teaching and Learning. As members, we ensure “Doing the Right thing – All the Time”. We act honestly and do not tolerate or justify; dishonest or demeaning conduct in any circumstances. In the event of any disagreement, we handle it with utmost professionalism without any prejudice or malice and without raising tone or use of stern words either in person or on online forums.

Dress Code

Strictly Formals for all meets unless specified.

Ladies: Saree / Blazer
Men: Suit / Blazer